Author: Liz Braswell

At almost 11-years-old, everyone thinks Clark is too old to play with stuffed animals. But Clark isn’t ready to let go. He knows there’s something special about his stuffed animals -- they seem to move in the night and sometimes look beat-up, like they’ve been in a battle. And it turns out… he’s right! His stuffies are special. They’re warriors, the only ones able to fight off the monsters attacking Clark’s dad each night. Without their help, Clark’s family could be doomed.

Now it’s up to Foon — a sock animal his grandma made — to save the day. Being hand-made by a loved one gives him extra power, but he’s still a new stuffy – does he have what it takes to save them all? Your young readers will be thrilled by Clark and Foon’s unwavering friendship as the two face the shadow monsters head-on in a struggle to save his family.