Field Trip

Sanity & Tallulah

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Author: Molly Brooks

Illustrator: Molly Brooks

Best friends Sanity and Tallulah are back for their second, out-of-this-world adventure. Living on a dilapidated space station at the edge of the galaxy, the girls have never stepped foot on an actual planet before. But the girls can’t believe their luck when they get the chance on a class field trip.

Things get off to a rocky start — rocky as in asteroid — and Sanity and Tallulah are separated from their class, stranded on a planet that’s about to explode! With nothing but a crashed space shuttle and the stuff in Tallulah’s backpack, the girls will have to put their knowledge of physics and engineering to use to find a way home before the planet blows up! Your young readers will be thrilled by this graphic novel adventure as Sanity and Tallulah put their problem-solving skills to the test to save themselves and their entire class.



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