Chicken Little and the Very Long Race (The Real Chicken Little)


Author: Sam Wedelich


*Signed Bookplate*

If you like Mo Willems' Pigeon, you'll love Sam Wedelich's Chicken Little!

Chicken Little dislikes competition. So when a marathon--featuring local-record holder, Hare!--is announced in the barnyard, she doesn't understand all the fuss. Until she watches her brood fall beak over claw for the gamey Hare and ditch their training in favor of his smoothies, sweatbands, and sneakers! Can Chicken Little prove this frontrunner's methods are phony or will she have to wing it and join the race?

The plucky star of Chicken Little: The Real and Totally True Tale and Chicken Little and the Big, Bad Wolf will have young listeners laughing and cheering all the way to the finish line in this fresh and funny reimagining of a timeless favorite spun with sly wisdom.