Paige Not Found


Author: Jen Wilde


*Signed Bookplate*

A thrilling adventure story that examines consent and privacy in a way that books have not had to before this generation where everything is online.

Nothing about us, without us.

When Paige learns that her parents enrolled her in an autism study without telling her, her world turns upside down. Suddenly she isn't sure if she can trust the two people she oves most. A chip was implanted in her brain that sends them information about her mood, brain activity, and location. It can even boost the chemicals that keep her calm or make her happy. So Paige has to wonder... can she even trust her own mind?

Now the company that created her chip is days away from merging with the most popular social network in the world. And they are known for selling people’s private information to the highest bidder.

Paige knows there is only one thing she can do. Armed with the names and addresses of the other kids involved in the study, she must track them down and tell them the truth, so they can put a stop to the merger and get the chips removed for good.