Stillwater and Koo Save the World


Author: Jon J Muth

Here is the first book in an exciting new four-book series for younger readers featuring the beloved Zen panda, Stillwater -- star of the Caldecott Honor Book and New York Times bestseller, Zen Shorts, and of the Peabody Award and Emmy Award-winning Apple+ TV series.

A Junior Library Guild Gold Standard Selection

“Today feels full of opportunities,” said Stillwater.

"What would you like to do?”

“Something important!" said his nephew, Koo.

"Let us save the world!”

But that's such a big job.

The world is so big.

And Koo is just a small panda.

During the course of the day, Koo straightens his room, feeds his cat and the hungry fish outside, and he bakes a cake to welcome new neighbors. He even helps a family of ducklings to safely cross a street. But still, Koo wonders, how will HE ever save the world? At the end of the day, Uncle Stillwater has the answer:

"You did so many things today that made the world a better place.

And each time you do the right thing--you save the world a little bit."

In a story brimming with love and light, Jon J Muth shows how we can all heal the world a little bit at a time -- just the right message for now -- and always!