Time to Go, Larry


Author: Alison Hawkins


*Signed bookplate!*

Debut author-illustrator Alison Hawkins brings a humorous tale about an adorable bear named Larry, who just so happens to be cozy and content exactly where he is. In fact, he never wants to try anything else! That is, until a little loving push helps Larry to find the joy in trying something new.

Good morning, Larry! It’s time to wake up!

But why would Larry want to get out of bed? His pillows are in the perfect spot, his blankets are just oh so soft, his left foot is tucked in the blanket while his right foot is not… this is obviously the most comfortable and best place to be! But look--just over there the breakfast table is loaded with Larry’s favorites: eggs and bacon and waffles and hot chocolate and one tiny, perfect, tangerine. Perhaps, Larry would change his mind?

In this adorable picture book, debut author-illustrator Alison Hawkins presents the relatable and too common tale of a stubborn little bear who is gently, lovingly coaxed into eating breakfast, playing with friends, taking a bath, and going to bed! Parents of little ones will surely relate to this hilarious and adorable bedtime book.