The Tyrell Show: Season One


Author: Miles Grose


Illustrator: Shaz Enrico Lym

*Signed Bookplates!*

Is this thing on? It’s time for the very best podcast around, The Tyrell Show!

Eleven-year-old Tyrell is the host of his very own "all in his mind” podcast! As he heads into his final year at Marcus Garvey Elementary he believes he's going to have the best season of his podcast ever…But not so fast! He quickly learns that being a sixth grader does not automatically make you the coolest and wisest kid in school. And when Tyrell’s best friend, Boogie, starts acting weird and Tyrell's highly anticipated audition for his school’s big show goes haywire, Tyrell is really sent for a loop. Told through a combination of graphic illustrations and Tyrell’s internal podcast, The Tyrell Show: Season One is sure to delight any kid looking for an interesting journey complete with big laughs and a happy ending.