Stand Up! : 10 Mighty Women Who Made a Change


Stand Up! : 10 Mighty Women Who Made a Change will be available soon.
Estimated Ship Date is August 2, 2022

Author: Brittney Cooper


Illustrator: Cathy Ann Johnson

Estimated Ship Date: August 2, 2022


Stand Up! tells the story of ten historic female figures who changed the world by standing up for what's right, including:

  • Legendary Civil Rights activists like Ruby Bridges and Rosa Parks!

  • Contemporary role models like Bree Newsome, who removed the confederate flag from the South Carolina state house grounds!

  • Youth activists like Mari Copeny, who fought for clean water in Flint, Michigan!
Cooper's storytelling celebrates both famous and unsung Black women who took a stand and made the world a better place for future generations. Each heroic figure is interconnected by a united quest for equity, and offers young readers a stirring, inspirational call to action, reminding them that they are mighty too, and can be forces for change when they stand up!