Valentina Salazar is Not a Monster Hunter


Author: Zoraida Córdova


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Valentina Salazar’s family are protectors — they rescue the world’s magical creatures — from grumpy unicorn to chupacabras. But when her father dies during a mission gone wrong, her mother decides it’s time to retire and enrolls Valentina in a real school for the first time. But Val is a protector at heart and she can’t give up her calling. So when a mythical egg surfaces in a viral video, Val convinces her reluctant siblings to help her find the egg before it hatches and wreaks havoc. But she has some competition: the dreaded monster hunters who’ll stop at nothing to destroy the creature... and the Salazar family! Your young protectors will be cheering Valentina as she risks all to save the magical creatures she loves!

Ages 8–12. 368pp