Game Over


Author: M. C. Ross


Step into the world of HIVE in this thrilling, high-stakes virtual reality adventure -- perfect for younger fans of Ready Player One!

Welcome to HIVE, the world’s most popular virtual reality game. Everyone’s addicted to it—kids, parents, and even teachers. Everyone, that is, except for Kara Tilden, who has never warmed to it ever since her mom disappeared, and Kara has reason to believe HIVE had something to do with it.

And with a new update about to launch, everyone around Kara is even more obsessed with it, including her friends and boyfriend, Gus. But when the upgrade finally hits, a glitch in the system traps everyone inside HIVE—and there’s no way out.

Now it’s up to Kara and her friends to beat HIVE at its own game. To do so, they’ll have to go deeper into the game than ever before. There they’ll discover the uneasy truth behind HIVE—a truth that may very well lead Kara to her mother . . .

Equal parts Ready Player One and The Matrix, this thrilling adventure story by M. C. Ross will have readers on the edge of their seats until the last page.