Love and the Rocking Chair


Author: Leo & Diane Dillon

Illustrator: Leo & Diane Dillon

An expectant young couple are excited to find just the right rocking chair for lullabies, storytelling, and family moments. From rocking their new-born baby to sleep, to reading stories to him when he’s a few years old, the chair becomes a beloved part of the family.

And when the boy grows up and goes away to college, the rocking chair waits until the time is right — until the boy it’d rocked as a baby needs a chair for his new nursery. Told with bold, colorful illustrations that perfectly capture the depth of emotion surrounding this family, this is the final book that two-time Caldecott Medalist Leo Dillon worked on. Your young readers will snuggle up to this heartwarming story of love passed down from generation to generation through a cherished rocking chair.