Way to Rio Luna


Author: Zoraida Cordova



11-year-old Danny Monteverde has always Nelieved in magic – in pixie dust, in wardrobes that act as portals to other worlds, and most import-antly, in Rio Luna, the enchanted land from his favorite book of fairy tales. That’s where his older sister, Pili, is waiting for him. But as time passes, he starts to have doubts. Maybe the adults are right. Maybe his sister did just run away from her foster home. Maybe she’s not waiting in Rio Luna for him after all. Perhaps the enchanted land is just a story. Then Danny discovers something truly magical and embarks on a dangerous quest to find his sister and reunite his family. Your young readers will be swept along on a Danny’s magical adventure from New York to Ecuador to Brazil in search of his long-lost sister. Ages 8-12. 336pp