Author: Pam Munoz Ryan


11-year old Maximiliano Córdoba is all set for a summer working with his father and training for fútbol. But his plans are dashed when he learns that to join the team, he must provide his birth certificate – something that disappeared long ago with his mother. Despondent, Max takes refuge in the fantastic stories his abuelo has told him about Hidden Ones, gatekeepers, and a place called Mañanaland – only to discover they are real! Now he must choose whether to pursue his fútbol dreams or embark on a perilous journey to Mañanaland – where he just might find his long-lost mother! Your young explorers will be swept up in this magical tale of hope, kindness, and love as Max discovers the true meaning of Mañanaland and the part his family has played in ferrying refugees to safety. Ages 8-12. 256pp.