Corpse & Crown

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Author: Alisa Kwitney

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Agatha DeLaceys family isnt rich or titled, so studying nursing at Ingolds East End hospital in London is a rare opportunity for her. Despite the schools focus on the innovative Bio-Mechanical program, Aggie cares more about the desperately poor human patients who flood the hospital, even if that means providing unauthorized treatment after-hoursand trusting a charming, endlessly resourceful thief.

But the Artful Dodger is barely a step ahead of his underworld rivals, the menacing Bill Sykes and mercurial Oliver Twist, and Aggies association with him soon leads her into danger. When a brutal attack leaves her blind, she and the Dodger find themselves at the mercy of an experimental Bio-Mech surgery. Though the procedure restores Aggies sight, her new eyes come at an unnerving cost, and the changes in Dodger are even more alarminginstead of seeing Aggie as the girl he fancies, he now views her as a potential threat.

As war between England and Germany brews on the horizon and a sinister medical conspiracy threatens to shatter the uneasy peace in Europe, Aggie and the Dodger must find a way to work together so they can protect their friends and expose the trutheven if it means risking their own survival.