Bodega Cats: Picture Purrfect

Bodega Cats


Bodega Cats: Picture Purrfect will be available soon.
Estimated Ship Date is July 23, 2024

Author: Hilda Eunice Burgos

Illustrator: Siara Faison

Estimated Ship Date: July 23, 2024

In the Heights meets Front Desk in this heart-warming, comedic young middle-grade series, featuring interior illustrations, and each centering a different bodega owner's kid and their newly-adopted furry friend, with a focus on family and community.

When Miguel’s mami and papi find out that he’s been running off from his job at the store to join art club, they lay down the law and have him work longer hours, hoping he’ll appreciate the sacrifices they’ve made to keep the bodega afloat. That sounds more than perfect to newly-adopted cat Lolo if it means he's far, far away from the mangy strays who used to bully him and nights spent in the freezing cold outdoors.

But when Miguel ditches his responsibilities to go on an art club field trip and keeps the truth from his parents, his dream of juggling it all comes crashing down. Lolo will have to decide if he's willing to be there for Miguel through anything—even venturing back into the frightful outdoors. Can they trust each other enough to make it through any adventure together?