It's Holi!


Author: Sanyukta Mathur



Illustrator: Courtney Pippin-Mathur



*Signed Bookplate*

This lively picture book follows a young boy and his family as they celebrate the festivities of Holi, the Hindu Festival of Colors.

Wake up, it’s Holi!

Sameer and his family are preparing to celebrate Holi and the beginning of spring! Scrumptious sweet and savory treats fill platters, and a rainbow of powdered colors is set out. Everyone is ready for the bright and messy festivities ahead.

But young Sameer gets nervous when his sisters start throwing colors and water balloons at each other. Noticing Sameer’s fears, his family comes up with a silly solution that allows him to celebrate the messy colors of spring with everyone.

Excitement, history, and traditions abound in this vibrant celebration of Holi. Complete with a glossary and recipes.