Kiki Can! Go to School


Author: Susie Jaramillo


Illustrator: Abigail Gross


A new, endearing picture book from Encantos, the creators of the Emmy-nominated, award-winning Canticos preschool series, perfect for fans of I Will be Fierce and anyone with back-to-school jitters.

It’s Kiki’s first day of school, and she’s ready to go! Her backpack is full, and she’s picked the perfect bow to wear. Even better? Her brothers Nicky and Ricky are going to be with her all day!

But wait a minute—Why are Nicky and Ricky going to another classroom?

Kiki’s excitement rapidly turns to nerves, but as the different chicks begin to share their favorite things, Kiki learns that as long as she’s herself, she can always make new friends.

This book was developed in partnership with Encantos. Learn more about Encantos here: Encantos creates stories with purpose inspired by a world of culture. We are an award-winning Latino-owned entertainment company that helps children see the magic in who they are and all they can be. We create worlds kids want to hang out in, make them feel seen and heard, make stories with purpose, and make parents very happy.