There's No Such Thing as Vegetables


Author: Kyle Lukoff


Illustrator: Andrea Tsurumi

*Signed copies while supplies last!*

A hilarious informational picture book that exposes vegetables for what they truly are—a social construct—by National Book Award finalist and Newbery Honor winner Kyle Lukoff, perfect for fans of Red: A Crayon's Story.

Chester plans to have a salad for lunch, but in order to do that, he'll need vegetables. So he goes to the community garden, except he quickly learns that he won't be dressing a salad anytime soon. Instead, the vegetables start dressing him down. According to them, "vegetables" don't exist!

What the bell pepper? That's right! What we know as "vegetables" are really just a variety of different parts of a plant. Kale is a leaf, broccoli is a flower, potatoes are roots. Thanks to a lively, sassy cast of talking "veggies," Chester is schooled on social constructs and taxonomy.

But with a slyly informative text and illustrations that will crack readers up, the lessons in There's No Such Thing As Vegetables go down easy . . . actually, it's not a reach to say it's a total TREAT.