Time to Make Art


Time to Make Art will be available soon.
Estimated Ship Date is March 24th, 2024

Author: Jeff Mack


Estimated Ship Date: March 24th, 2024

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Does art have to be perfect? Where do you begin? This inspiring picture book about making art doubles as an introduction to the multifaceted and diverse global history of art empowering readers to get creative.

A curious child is ready to make art, but how and what should she create?

Awed by the endless possibilities, she begins asking meaningful questions about creating art. Her questions are answered by a diverse group of artists throughout time and history: from the earliest cave painters to the most recent digital illustrators. Rethinking the familiar Western European timeline of art history, this book introduces readers to diverse works from every era and continent in a playful and inspiring way.

Making both art history and art making accessible to all, Time to Make Art nourishes creativity, encouraging young readers to see the artist in themselves.