Eowulf: Of Monsters & Middle School


Author: Mike Cavallaro


*Signed Copies, while supplies last!*

From Mike Cavallaro comes a standalone story set in the Nico Bravo universe that perfectly combines action-packed fantasy and reality-based fiction—and introduces an unforgettable, iconic new heroine!

Eowulf Wegmund just had the most amazing summer ever! She traveled to a magical supply shop at the crossroads of all realities, rescued unicorn soldiers from a pocket dimension, and fought an evil god with the help of her friend Nico Bravo. Pretty rad, even for a descendant of the legendary monster hunter Beowulf!

Now she finds herself back home in her boring New Jersey suburb, where the only monsters are the ones in her D&D game, unless you count her classmate Amadeus Hornburg—the kid everyone loves to hate. But when a mysterious supervillain returns to wreak havoc, Eowulf and Amadeus must join forces. To save her town, Eowulf has to live up to her legacy and become the greatest monster hunter of all!