Duck, Duck, Dad?


Author: Lorna Scobie

Illustrator: Lorna Scobie

With the irreverent humor of Mother BruceHarry the Dirty Dog, and Gaston, this laugh-out-loud picture book follows Ralph the dog as he unexpectedly becomes the new dad to a flock of ducklings, and soon realizes he’s bitten off more than he can chew!

Ralph the dog enjoyed a quiet life . . . until the day he stumbles across an egg. Surely the best thing for him to do is ignore it and walk right on by. But, CRACK! The egg hatches, then and there.

What's inside? A cute and fluffy little duckling searching for a parent. And though Ralph isn't sure he wants a duckling, the duckling is definitely sure it wants Ralph! As does the very excitable, very loud, and very large flock of ducklings in the nearby field . . .

Filled with heart, hilarity, and adorably raucous ducklings, this celebration of love and community is perfect for all families, big and small.