Kobe Eats Pizza!


Author: Ashley Wian


Illustrator: Joy Ang

*Signed Bookplates*

Based on the internet sensation, Kobe pulls together all the ingredients to help make dinner for his family in this humorous picture book. But the most important ingredient of all is love.

Chef Kobe is the star of the kitchen! With his signature red apron and red chef's hat, Kobe is ready to make another meal: PIZZA!

He only uses the finest ingredients, never spills, and is very patient when waiting for the timer to go off . . .

While cooking is super fun, Chef Kobe always remembers the last, most important step: Eating together as a family!

Based on the viral sensation, Kobe Eats, this story is as animated and sweet as the popular videos of Kobe cooking online for his family. Joy Ang's illustrations brings Kobe to life with all the love and humor.