That's Betty!

Who Did It First?


Author: Gregory Bonsignore

Illustrator: Jennifer M. Potter

A joyful picture book biography that celebrates the life and achievements of TV legend, pioneer, and activist Betty White.

With the longest television career of all time, Betty White is an icon with fans across generations, having starred on some of the most loved TV shows in history and winning numerous awards along the way. She is also a pioneer: She was the first woman to produce a national TV show and the first producer to hire a female director. Beyond that, Betty is lauded for her work off the set: fighting for equal rights for women, advocating for the fair treatment of animals, campaigning to end bullying, and standing up for the LGBTQIA+ community.

Debut author Gregory Bonsignore's playful text, brought to life by Jennifer Potter's art, follows a young boy who is doing a class presentation about Betty White. . . with a little help from Betty herself! Timed to publish just ahead of Betty's 100th birthday, the book is a celebration of a life well-lived.

A Who Did It First? Book