A Field Guide to Mermaids


Author: Emily B. Martin


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A gorgeous and vibrantly illustrated field guide cataloging various species of mermaids, based on real ecological details—with a strong environmental focus—perfect for fans of The Magical Unicorn Society.

For centuries, humankind has passed down stories of an aquatic creature that's equal parts human and fish. Known as "mermaids," the mythical subject has been featured in folklore that spans continents and cultures. But never in our long history has there been an explorer brave enough to catalog and study the many species of mermaids that may swim among us.

That is, until now. With A Field Guide to Mermaids, Emily B. Martin invites readers into a fictionalized account of our real world. Combining real ecological facts about biomes across North America with imagined species of mermaids that have adapted to their surroundings, this book is a collectible for every folkloric enthusiast, as well as a primer for children interested in environmental science and the science of evolution.