Balto and Togo: Hero Dogs of Alaska


Author: Helen Moss


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An exciting retelling of the true story of Balto and Togo and the great dogsled race that inspired the Iditarod!

It's the winter of 1924 and a diphtheria outbreak is threatening the population of Nome, Alaska. The only way to stop the deadly illness from causing a full-blown epidemic is to immediately deliver one million units of the diphtheria antitoxin to the affected communities, which seems impossible given the only way to reach any place in Alaska at this time of year is by dog sled. The stakes are high, and the snow is piling higher—will the antitoxin make it in time? Or will the infection spread faster than they can treat it?

Follow along as Balto and Togo lead the way in this race against time to get the antitoxin and save lives.