Swift the Storm, Fierce the Flame


Author: Meg Long

A girl hellbent on finding the friend she lost. A planet on the brink of total corporate destruction. One way to find answers amidst the chaos: team up with a traitor to help stage a revolution.

Genetically engineered from birth, Remy Castell was brainwashed and trained to be a corporate spy. But then a mission that had her infiltrate a syndicate gang ended with Remy becoming true friends with her mark, and everything changed. When her genopath partner, Kiran, discovered Remy's intentions to stop their mission, he left her for dead in the jungle wilds of Maraas and disappeared with the girl Remy failed to save. Two years later, Remy is still chasing Kiran across worlds, trying to find her lost friend.

After nearly catching him on Tundar before the infamous sled race, Remy follows Kiran back to the same jungle planet where everything started. But nothing on Maraas is how it was two years ago. A megolamaniac corpo director now has an iron grip on the world that other groups are trying to overthrow. It's a time bomb that Remy wants nothing to do with. When Remy finally finds Kiran in the midst of the chaos, instead of running again, he offers her a deal: help with the revolution and in exchange, he'll tell her exactly where her lost friend is. But how can Remy trust a boy that betrayed her once before?

With the giant hellstorm that encircles the planet growing stronger by the minute and entire planet on the edge of all-out war, Remy will have to decide just how far she's willing to go to save one girl before the impending storm drowns them all.