Every Bird a Prince


Author: Jenn Reese



A girl's quest to save a forest kingdom is intertwined with her exploration of identity in this middle-grade contemporary fantasy by Jenn Reese, the award-winning author of A Game of Fox & Squirrels.
Eren Evers is about to turn thirteen, which means something to everyone but her. Recently, all her friends want to talk about are their crushes, and her mom keeps asking about the upcoming school dance.

But Eren couldn't care less about liking boys or girls, and isn't even sure how a crush should feel. Instead, Eren goes on long bike rides in the woods, wishing she and her friends could just play in the forest like they used to. Then Eren's bike rides take a turn for the extraordinary when a bird speaks to her, seeking her help.

Eren is chosen to defend the bird kingdom from the dangerous Frostfangs, a challenge she embraces and one that will require all of her strength, as well as the support of an unlikely friend. Now Eren must juggle both the trials of the forest and of her social scene, discovering what it truly means to be herself in a world eager to define her path.