Our Planet! There's No Place Like Earth

Our Universe


Author: Stacy McAnulty


Illustrator: David Litchfield

*Signed Bookplate*

A new nonfiction picture book in the Our Universe series from the author/illustrator team behind Earth! My First 4.54 Billion Years, this time looking at Earth’s current life and uncertain future, told with hope for cooperation and human resourcefulness in the face of climate change.

In her first book, Earth (AKA: Planet Awesome) shared the story of her brief—cosmically speaking—life to date, with only a hint as to what the future may hold. Now, after being so warmly received, she’s eager to tell Earthlings even more. But this time, she’ll focus on her current life and her uncertain future. What is in store for Earth now and in the near future? In answer to the call for ways to talk with kids about climate change, this is not a book about fear, but about hope and cooperation and human resourcefulness. In the end, we know Earth and Earthlings are meant for each other!