The Very True Legend of the Mongolian Death Worms


Author: Sandra Fay

Illustrator: Sandra Fay

In this funny picture book debut, a Mongolian Death Worm family is determined to overcome their deadly reputation and make friends with the other animals of the Gobi Desert, with mixed results.

With the humor and unexpected hero appeal of Rot, The Cutest in the World!, this new picture book celebrates the real-life legend of Mongolian Death Worms.

Scientists have searched the Gobi Desert for these giant worms. Reported sightings claim that their skin is blood red; their fangs razor sharp. The worms are supposedly poisonous and electrifying . . . or are they?

Meet the Mongolian Death Worm family: Beverly, Trevor, Neville and Kevin. In spite of their deadly reputation, they’re determined to make nice and win over the other animals. Their overtures of friendship are . . . not reciprocated. But when disaster strikes, it’s the Mongolian Death Worm family to the rescue!