The Talent Thief


Author: Mike Thayer


*Signed Bookplates*

A girl who can steal other people’s talents finds her own spotlight in this wish-fulfilling middle-grade novel from the author of The Double Life of Danny Day.

Tiffany Tudwell is cursed. She once tripped and fell face-first into a trash can. She had pink eye on picture day. One time she tried to hold back a sneeze and farted on the cutest boy in class. She longs for the spotlight but knows it’s safer to stay hidden in the shadows.

Until the night two meteors collide over her backyard, giving Tiffany the ability to steal people’s talents for a day—like taking mean girl Candace’s beautiful singing voice in the middle of rehearsal. Her power even gets the attention of the most popular boy in school, the smooth-talking Brady Northrup.

But her powers can’t solve everything—or can they? When a local philanthropist holds a fundraiser contest, Tiffany knows this is her chance to save her dad’s failing planetarium, and finally step into the spotlight.