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Juniper’s Christmas

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Author: Eoin Colfer

From acclaimed, mega-bestselling author Eoin Colfer comes a Christmas classic-in-the-making--a beautifully illustrated novel about an eleven-year-old girl's wild adventure to find her mother, protect a public park, and save Christmas.

Everyone knows Santa doesn't do Christmas anymore, but Juniper Lane only wants one thing this year: to celebrate the Santa Vigil in Cedar Park in honor of her late father. But then her mother goes missing and the park's bureaucratic director declares the vigil is canceled, so Juniper seeks the help of mysterious and grumpy carpenter Niko--who accidentally reveals his expert craftsmanship, flying reindeer, and magic powers. He insists he's not Santa and refuses to help, so it just might be up to Juniper to find her own magic and save Christmas.

Eoin Colfer's lively Christmas escapade is a spirited story told at a dashing pace with laugh-out-loud humor, as well as a sensitive handling of grief, hope, and homelessness, giving this story the feel of a new classic.