Starla Jean Takes The Cake

Starla Jean


Author: Elana K. Arnold

Illustrator: A. N. Kang

It's Willa's first birthday—a day that doesn't come along . . . every day. In fact, it only comes once, and Starla Jean is going to make the best out of it for her baby sister. How?

A party!

All she has to do is:
- Decorate
- Keep Opal Egg entertained
- Get ingredients for a cake
- Try to get Opal Egg to lay an egg
- Invite guests
- Come on, Opal Egg! How hard is it to lay an egg? You're a chicken!
- Bake the cake
- Give Willa the best first birthday party ever!

But, in typical Starla Jean fashion, a few surprises are waiting to derail the determined girl . . . but could they be . . . good surprises?