Juno Valentine and the Fantastic Fashion Adventure

Juno Valentine


Author: Eva Chen


Illustrator: Derek Desierto


Juno is scrambling to decide what to wear for her school picture. Should she wear fabulous florals or rainbow ruffles? There are just so many options. Then her little brother Finn vanishes in the magical hall of shoes and Juno drops everything to follow him on a fantastic journey through time. Meeting female icon after icon — including Audrey Hepburn, Annie Oakley, Simone Biles, and more — Juno manages to save her brother and even gets an idea for the most spectacular school picture day outfit ever! Your young readers will devour this glamorous tale filled to the brim with fashion as Juno meets inspiring women throughout history and learns a little about what made each of them so great.

Ages 3–6. 32pp



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