Blue, Barry & Pancakes: Danger on Mount Choco

Blue, Barry & Pancakes


Author: Dan Abdo & Jason Patterson


Illustrator: Dan Abdo & Jason Patterson


Blue, Barry, and Pancakes are best friends! They love funky music, penguins that wear hats, and going on BIG adventures!

One day, Barry convinces Blue and Pancakes to enter an epic sundae-making contest. Blue and Pancakes just want to have fun, but Barry is in it to WIN IT. He knows exactly how he’s going to get the trophy, but it’s going to be dangerous. It’ll take sacrifice. He might even lose his pals along the way . . .

Like all friends, Blue, Barry, and Pancakes can make mistakes . . . but at the end of the day, they always have each other’s backs. And tops, and sides, and fronts, too!