Kidnap on the California Comet

Adventures on Trains


Author: M. G. Leonard & Sam Sedgman


Illustrator: Elisa Paganelli

*Signed Bookplate*

In this second book of the middle-grade Adventures on Trains series, amateur sleuth Hal Beck travels to the US with his uncle to ride a famous train—the California Comet—and stumbles on a new mystery to solve.

After his adventure on the Highland Falcon, amateur sleuth Hal Beck is excited to embark on another journey with his journalist uncle. This time, they're set to ride the historic California Comet from Chicago to San Francisco.

Hal mostly keeps to himself on the trip, feeling homesick and out of place in America. But he soon finds himself drawn into another mystery when the young daughter of a billionaire tech entrepreneur goes missing!

Along with new friends — spunky thirteen-year-old Mason and his younger sister, Hadley — Hal races against the clock to find the missing girl before the California Comet reaches its final destination.