Bunt!: Striking Out on Financial Aid


Author: Ngozi Ukazu


Illustrator: Mad Rupert


*Signed Copies, While Supplies Last!*

From the creator of Check, Please!, a young adult graphic novel about a girl who loses her art school scholarship and cooks up a plan to win one game of softball in order to earn the school's athletic scholarship instead.

Molly Bauer loves her hometown of Peachtree, North Carolina. And her favorite part about her town is the prestigious art school, Peachtree Institute of Collegiate Arts. On the first day of attending this school of her dreams, the spunky freshman—buoyed on the native Peachtreeian Full Ride Scholarship—discovers her scholarship . . . is defunct. Rather than take out loans her parents can't afford, she uncovers a lesser-known scholarship in the PICA financial-aid policy book. If she and a dozen other art students can win a single game at the varsity level, they'll all be retroactively qualified for a PICA athletic scholarship. It's a softball scheme for the ages.

New York Times best-selling author Ngozi Ukazu returns with debut artist Madeline Rupert to tell an energetic story about college failure.