Compass South

Four Points


Author: Hope Larson


Illustrator: Rebecca Mock


A middle grade graphic novel full of pirates and adventure, written by Eisner award-winning author and artist HOPE LARSON!

It's 1860 in New York City.

When twelve-year-old twins Alexander and Cleopatra's father disappears, they're forced to join the notorious Black Hook Gang to make ends meet. But when Alexander and Cleopatra bumble a break-in - and are caught by the police - they agree to reveal the identity of the gang in exchange their freedom and two tickets to New Orleans.

So they head west, hoping to escape the long-arm of the Black Hook Gang, only to find themselves smack-dab in the midst of a whole heap of trouble. Alex is tricked into working on a ship that is heading for San Francisco via Cape Horn, forcing Cleo to stow away on a steamer to New Granada, where she hopes to catch a train to San Francisco and rescue her brother.

But neither Alex nor Cleo realizes the real danger they are in -- not only is the Black Hand Gang still after them, they're also e being followed by pirates who think they hold the key to finding a lost treasure.

Can Cleo rescue Alex? Can they both escape their pursuers? And will they ever see their vanished father again?