The Stoneholding (Sale)

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Author: Mark James

The Great Harmony of Ardiel lies rent asunder. Darkness looms over the ancient world of Ahn Norvys. Prince Starigan, heir to the throne, has been abducted and power has been usurped by a traitorous cabal led by the evil Ferabek.

In the mountainous highlands of Arvon, the small but ancient community of Stoneholding holds out against gathering forces of evil. Here by tradition, from earliest times, the High Bard has resided as guardian of the Sacred Fire, as well as the golden harp called the Talamadh. But when Ferabek attacks the Stoneholding with his Black Scorpion Dragoons and razes it to the ground, Wilum, the aged High Bard flees for his life with a ragged band of survivors, including Kalaquinn Wright, the wheelwrights's son.

Kalaquinn Wright, green in years and in understanding, is torn from his pastoral life in a remotre highland clanholding and thrust onto a broader stage in a journey of escape and discovery, As night covers Ahn Norvys, he must save what remains of truth and beauty, find Prince Starigan and rekindle the Sacred Fire, and discover his destiny beyond the Stoneholding. 



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