Tumblebaby will be available soon.
Estimated Ship Date is October 29, 2024

Author: Adam Rex

Illustrator: Audrey Helen Weber

Estimated Ship Date: October 29, 2024

It’s evening and Baby is asleep. Momma and Dad set up Baby’s crib, but leave the door unlocked. Most babies scoot, flop, and roll their way to sleep. But this Baby? This Baby tumbles right out the door! Down the street they go, past the neighborhood, gathering debris on the way.

Still asleep, the tumbling Baby keeps a steady pace, rolling and rolling from one adventure to the next. Tumblebaby tumbles through a pack of coyotes and becomes their king; around the country saving the day in various cities; and all the way up Everest, winning Olympic Gold, sparking a historic chain of events. Eventually, Tumblebaby tumbles home, well-traveled, well rested, having changed the whole world, eyes closed all along.

With a sweeping, laugh-out-loud narrative, penned by expert humorist Adam Rex and illustrated with Audrey Helen Weber’s singular and wholly uninhibited art, Tumblebaby invites young readers to twist the narrative on their earliest years in this whole new mythology about who we are, where we come from, and where we’ve been.