There's That Sun Again


There's That Sun Again will be available soon.
Estimated Ship Date is October 8, 2024

Author: Mk Smith Despres

Illustrator: Julie Benbassat

Estimated Ship Date: October 8, 2024

For graduation, for Mother's Day, for Valentine's Day, for every day: a resonant celebration of the joys and challenges of growing up . . . and life itself.

There’s That Sun Again is a beginner’s guide to the rhythm of life. Follow two children through one extraordinary, ordinary school day. They swing from sunbeams, bathe in crashing waves of noise and tide pools of quiet, fall down, get up, and walk home on air, band aids on elbows, ready for rest in loving family’s arms.

Each high—the beautiful sun—meets with a low—its unbearable heat—which is followed by something else entirely different—rain!—that makes each piece of the day feel like an important part of the same puzzle. Across the course of the book, these two children will find each other, and rescue each other, again and again. 

Being a child can feel like being buffeted along by a huge force out of your control. At any moment, something incredible could happen—but so could something scary, or sad, or hard—and everything is always changing. Learning to cope means learning the cycles, the things you can depend on. This book illuminates that cycle, showing that every day has its ups and downs and back agains—and empowers readers to meet this emotional turbulence with strength, self-knowledge, and wonder.