One Million Trees : A True Story


Author: Kristen Balouch

Illustrator: Kristen Balouch

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Based on the author's life, this story describes a time when Kristen Balouch and her family helped remedy deforestation by planting 1,000,000 trees (yes, it's true!) in British Columbia.

When Kristen was 10-years-old she and her sisters came home from school one day to be told by their parents that they were going on a trip to plant trees. They flew from their home in California to British Columbia and joined a crew hired by the Canadian government to replace trees that had been cut down by loggers. They set up camp along a river and lived in a tent. Her mother was the cook, her father planted saplings with the crew, and Kristen helped them both. When they were done, everyone was covered in mud, scratches, and bug bites, but they were happy because they did it-they planted one million trees.

Forty years later, Kristen took her children back to see the now grown trees at the site where so much had been accomplished all those years ago. Through an engaging text and vibrant art, we join Kristen as she learns how to plant not just one tree, but a million of them! Along the way we master a little French, practice math, cook some desserts, and most importantly, discover fascinating tree facts.

In the back, an Author's Note talks about deforestation, the magic of trees, and the importance of working together.