Children of the Forest


Children of the Forest will be available soon.
Estimated Ship Date is April 26, 2022

Author: Matt Myers

Illustrator: Matt Myers

Estimated Ship Date: April 26, 2022

A boy and his younger sister set off to live a life of adventure in the untamed wilds of their own backyard in this funny and beautifully illustrated picture book.

We are wild.
We are children of the forest.
We were raised by wolves.
And racoons. And owls.
Grabbing a bow and quiver, a boy sets off with his younger sister, a toddler, to live off the land in the expanses of their own backyard. First, they sneak past their snoozing father to pilfer supplies from the refrigerator, but only what they need. After that, they’re utterly on their own.
Out in these uncharted spaces they encounter many dangers, from a ferocious mountain lion (a house cat) to a hulking canine beast (their dog). When the sun dips low, they make a camp complete with defenses to ward off predators.