Your Place in the Universe


Author: Jason Chin


Illustrator: Jason Chin


Did you know that the average eight-year-old is about five times as tall as this book... but only half as tall as an ostrich? Which is half as tall as a giraffe... which is twenty times smaller than a California Redwood! How do they compare to the tallest buildings? To Mt. Everest? To stars, galaxy clusters, and... the universe? In this creative and beautiful book complex subjects -- size, scale, and almost unimaginable distance – become easily accessible to readers of all ages. Gorgeous and intriguingly detailed illustrations enchant the eye and excite the imagination as you explore the world about you and the universe above you. Your young explorers will relish discovering their place in the universe and seeing the world in a whole new way. Four pages of fun facts and explanations at the book’s conclusion are included. Ages 4-8. 40pp.