Good Night, Wind

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Author: Linda Elovitz Marshall

Illustrator: Maelle Doliveux

In this retelling of a Yiddish folktale, Winter Wind worked hard all season long / blowing away leaves, / preparing trees for coats of snow and ice. Now, Wind is tired and needs a place to rest. But no one wants to shelter so cold and blustery a Windnot the townspeople, not the country innkeeper, not even the gnarled tree who is worried about frozen roots. Finally, Wind does what any of us do when we are overtired: Wind has a tantrum. And it is only with the help of two small children brave enough to weather the storm that Wind finally finds the perfect place to sleep. Gentle language coupled with intricate photo-illustrations of collage dioramas tell this sweet tale about empathy and friendship. The visuals in this book are striking for their vibrancy, palette, and movement.