Octopus Stew


Author: Eric Velasquez

Illustrator: Eric Velasquez

When a young boy draws a picture of an octopus, it inspires his grandma to make pulpo guisado — octopus stew — for dinner. At the supermarket they buy the biggest octopus there is, complete with eyes and beak and eight tentacles. Then grandma washes it and plops it in a giant pot of boiling water.

However, with a Blimp, a Blump, a Bloop Bloop Bloop, and finally a Kerchunk, the boy knows something isn’t right. He races into the kitchen to find the octopus has grown to giant size and has his grandma wrapped up in its tentacles. It’s up to him to save her, but how do you fight an octopus when you just have two arms and it has eight? Your young readers will be swept up in this humorous and action-packed story as a family’s dinner comes to life and tries to eat them back.