Rodrick Rules

Diary of a Wimpy Kid


Author: Jeff Kinney

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Poor Greg is just about to head back to junior high after a lousy summer. Despite his protests, Greg's had to join the swim team again. Even though this was the first summer their coach let the team wear swim trunks instead of skimpy racing suits, Greg had to wear his big brother Rodrick's hand-me-down bathing suit - which barely covers him! Still, Greg does develop a nice Saturday ritual with his dad: escaping to the mall to avoid his brother Rodrick's heavy-metal band practices. But when Rodrick uncovers a major secret about Greg in his journal, he coerces Greg into all kinds of things, including cleaning up after one of his wild parties while their parents are away. Your young readers will be laughing one minute and feeling sympathy for Greg the next as they identify with the perils of peer pressure and the bullying tactics of an older sibling.