It's Only Stanley


Author: Jon Agee

Something very strange is going on in the Wimbledon house. At first, it’s a strange howl coming from outside that wakes the Wimbledon family in the middle of the night. But it’s only Stanley, their pet dog. The family goes back to sleep.

Then later, a strange clanking sound from downstairs wakes the family. Again, it’s only Stanley. This time he’s fixing the oil tank. The family settles back to sleep until a funky smell wakes them up. Once again, it’s only Stanley making some strangely-green catfish stew. As the night continues, the Wimbledons keep getting woken up by Stanley doing very odd things. What is their pet dog up to?

The answer – which will surprise you and your youngsters as much as the Wimbledons – is something truly out of this world!

Your young readers won’t be able to put this book down as they try to figure out just what Stanley is up to – and will be smiling in delight when they discover what he has been doing! Ages 4-8. 32pp.