Ladybug Girl and Bingo

Ladybug Girl

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Author: Jacky Davis

Illustrator: David Soman

Lulu, better known as the superhero Ladybug Girl, is on a new adventure. This time, her family and her dog Bingo are off on a camping trip! Lulu loves playing in the outdoors, and so does Bingo. Her parents allow her to take Bingo on her adventures, reminding her not to ever let go of his leash or else he might get lost in the wild. Together, Lulu and Bingo climb huge boulders, ford raging rivers, go out on a boat, and even sneak a peek at underwater mermaid castles. But while on a unicorn hunt, she accidently let’s go of Bingos leash and he runs off. Will Lulu be able to find him? This sounds like a job for Ladybug Girl! Your young readers will adore this latest adventure with Ladybug Girl as they discover the world of fun and excitement that waits around every corner when unlocked with the power of imagination. Ages 3-6. 40pp.