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The Sunday Outing

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Author: Gloria Jean Pinkney

Illustrator: Jerry Pinkney

Ernestine was born where her Mama grew up, down in North Carolina, but now she and Mama and Papa live up north, in Philadelphia, with its trolley-cars and stoops and all the hustle and bustle. And every Sunday, Ernestine and her great-aunt Odessa head down to the train station, to watch the trains leaving for North Carolina, and to listen to Aunt Odessa's stories about life back home on the farm.  Ernestine wants nothing more than to get on that gleaming silver train, hear the conductor shout "ALL ABOARD!", and ride it down to see her family and the place where she was born. But how can she when a ticket costs so much money?

With a little help from Mama and Papa and Great-Aunt Odessa, it might not be an impossible dream after all.