Helen's Big World

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Author: Doreen Rappaport

Illustrator: Matt Tavares

Left blind, deaf, and unable to speak after a terrible childhood illness, young Helen Keller lived in a dark, silent world. But Helen wanted to experience every part of life and wouldn't let her handicaps stop her. With the help of an amazing teacher named Anne Sullivan, Helen found that knowledge was her key to freedom, and with knowledge and freedom, came wisdom. And with wisdom, Helen realized that she could change the world. In this stirring picture book biography, Rappaport captures Helen's story with a beautiful prose narrative that incorporated many of Helen's own quotes as Tavares paints a stunning picture of Helen's life with his stunning illustrations. Your young readers will be inspired by Helen Keller's story even as they discover that no matter what obstacles they encounter in life, they can do anything if they just work hard and believe. Ages 4-8. 48pp.